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Fan Decks and Color Sample Cards
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Renaissance Palette Fan Deck (48 colors) $49.99
AgriStain for Wood Palette (43 colors) $1.95
Renaissance Palette Color Card (1 sheet with 48 colors) $6.00

We hand-paint our fan decks and color cards so that you can see and feel the actual color and surface of the paint. We never print our colors cards like some of other big names manufacturers. The price of these products is exactly what it cost us to manufacture them. We make no money at all on either of these two products as they are used for helping a customer to decide on product colors. The shipping is exactly what it cost us to ship and we make nothing on this either. In fact we loose money on each sale as we do not add in processing or handling fees associated with these sales, thus we eat the labor costs on each sale of these marketing/sale products.

Our color cards are painted at our factory and assembled by a regional organization supporting disabled adults, SEABHS.

Renaissance Palette Fan Deck (48 colors) Renaissance Palette Color Card (1 sheet with 48 colors)

Although we are reaching over 300 colors now, the only samples offered at this time is the original renaissances color palette for the fan deck and color dot card. But the color dot cards include an additional 12 colors that have been added to the back of the card.  We are currently looking for a way to make these cheaper so that we can add the additional colors, but using the current method, the color cards would cost around $50. So we are trying to find a way to possibly print these like the name brands do. The issue is not all the colors can be reproduced using printer inks. So until we can figure out a way to do this, these are the only ones offered.

With that said, we do offer color matching for $25. The amount is credited back if there is five gallons or more paint ordered. The amount of paint does not need to be that color either, just more than five gallons total. The fee will also be credited back if we have already matched that color before. The fee covers cost of materials, mailing and time for doing the matching.

For color matching the customer need only to supply us with the manufactures name, color name, color number and card number if applicable.  If we do not have the swatch here, we can stop by the big box stores and see if the swatch is there or not.  If we are unable to find the sample swatch, you will be contacted and asked to supply a color swatch.  Once we have a sample or swatch, we will attempt to match the color; we then paint it out and mail you a sample. In some cases we can only get close using minerals and in that case we will get as close as

Last we offer the Agri Stain all natural wood stain color brochure. This contains all the stain colors we have developed or matched. We were able to photograph the samples and after some time and work were able to get them to print out where they are extremely close or dead on the colors they show. Much better than the industry leaders.

The AgriStain brochure has been very carefully designed so that it would show the many available stain colors and the accuracy would be so close, that you will be amazed at the accuracy in colors once you use our stains.

AgriStain is a true, natural penetrating stain that preserves the wood, brings wood back to life, extends the life of your wood while giving it a fresh wood cut feel. Water, plant and mineral based. No one has a water based stain, the industry only has thinned out and translucent paints now, and they do not protect anything.

 NoteWe are proud to say that all of our coating products are free of any Isothiazolinones, Methylisothiazolinone, Methylchlorisothiazolinone, Benzisothiazolinone, Octylisothiazolinone, Parabens, Bronopol, or BHT chemicals.