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ArgiStain for Woods
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ArgiStain for Woods - 1 quart $18.99
ArgiStain for Woods - 1 gallon $51.99
ArgiStain for Woods - 5 gallons $244.99
$12.00 Special Handling Fee Required on 5 gallon pail orders. Failure to select will delay the order

AgriStain for wood is the world's best non-toxic, all-natural, chemically free, virtually odorless, eco-friendly, truly green  Bio Based Interior and Exterior Penetrating Wood Stain. This highly advanced sustainable, bio preferred, Biocide and Preservative free, is a highly durable wood stain. Engineered to preserve, rejuvenate, protect and beautify wood substrates naturally without combustible or chemical toxic solvents. Developed by Go Green World Products, LLC in partnership with New Century Coatings. And recently, AgriStain was Vegan approved by a third party expert.

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Note: A $12.00 Special Handling Fee is Required on 5 gallon pail orders. Failure to select authorization will delay the order.

  • All natural
  • No chemicals
  • Plant and mineral based
  • Rugged durability
  • Mineral colors
  • Zero VOC
  • Easily repaired when needed
  • Use on any kind of wood, interior or exterior
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Product Feedback

AgriStain for woods is the Highest Sustainable Plant/Bio Based Natural, true stains for woods. “Zero VOC’s” (volatile organic compounds), Are water and plant based with NO petroleum-based additives or chemicals. No preservatives or Biocides added. Using our patented Agri Technologies with the help of New Century Coatings founder. Green planet Paints is now able to provide the most natural true wood and concrete stains ever developed. With the use of our exclusive AgriColor technology, we offer a 100% Bio based stain. So safe you can apply them with your hands. They clean up with soap and water and best of all, they are not diluted down or translucent paints like the rest of the coating industry. These stains are even Vegan approved through a third party Vegan expert who validated every component used. Going to prove once again that Go Green World Products, LLC is truly committed to moving away from petroleum and hazardous chemicals in its Green Planet Paints® product lines. While others only focus on being VOC compliant, Go Green World Products takes this to an entirely new level with All Natural, no smell and zero VOC.

AgriStain for woods is non-film forming (meaning it is not a translucent or watered down industry standard paint); It is a true 100% Bio based penetrating, non-toxic wood stain chemistry that will never flake or peel off after application.

Recoats of the wood stain or maintenance touch ups of existing wood stain do not require stripping the wood like today’s commercial water based conventional stains (paints) or being forced to go with a darker color.

AgriStain achieves more Green Building LEED credit attributes than any other wood stain technologies, while having a superior professional grade performance.

AgriStain for woods is the best balance of sustainability, high performance and value.  Typical AgriStain for wood has a coverage rate of more than 2X's of conventional water based wood stains.

Truly Natural "Green" Wood Stain Uses:  Wood floors, wood decks, wood fences, wood trim, wood cabinets, wood furniture, baby cribs, baby furniture, log cabins, wood sheds, wood gazebos, wood pergolas, wood textured fiber cement, some engineered woods and much more...

Stain Coverage:  Normally between 400 - 600 square feet per gallon. (That is less than $.10 SqFt. Bing the lowest cost in class)

Sheen:  Natural wood sheen. (Various sheen levels achieved with an applicable thin film coating finishes, we recommend and offer AgriPrep Sealer or AgriPrep Clear.)

Colors:  Currently we offer over 43 standard wood stain colors from our current color brochure.  Custom Wood Stain Colors are also available.  We are expanding the stain colors monthly.

Wood Product Manufacturers:  Ask about our bulk wood stain program for wood Shed, Gazebo, Log home and Furniture manufacturers, as well as our wood Fence, Shake roof and wood siding installers, and more. Achieve more sustainability and beneficial attributes, and the industry best wood stain pricing.

You can download our wood stain brochure, or you can order one to be sent to you.

To view some of our amazing wood stain colors, you can simply scroll down too see them.

AgriStain’s come in Quart, Gallon and 5 Gallon pails.





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