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Product Feedback

love your paint
Reviewer: Tara Conway in Ringwood, NJ

I love your paint, I painted inside my whole new construction house with it in 2010. I love the dragon color, 12 years later and it’s still awesome! Got more so I can paint something across the room in the same color. Also, ordering the eggshell birch to redo the bathroom ceilings. I enjoy the paint in my house so much and always get compliments. I really love knowing my family is safe and there is no toxic paint here! Thank you!

Great Paint, not the best primer
Reviewer: AVM in , VA

The primer goes on very thin and watery, so even covering a color like taupe was difficult with the primer. The primer also has a stronger smell than I anticipated. The paint, however, is quite beautiful. I purchased "Peace" in flat, and I love how bright and warm the white is. It goes on much thicker than the primer, but a wet edge is definitely better for avoiding the picture frame effect of cutting in and having it dry, however inefficient and inconvenient that is. One gallon was not enough to stretch out and cover our entire bedroom, but since I need to repaint the ceiling, too, I've gone ahead and ordered a 5 gallon bucket to do that job and others. This paint is really beautiful, and I don't have qualms about fumes or anything like that.

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Beautiful, clean, and easy to use!
Reviewer: Kate

So, I'm not a professional painter by any means; my husband and I are in the process of painting our first apartment, which was 100% white on all the walls and very boring when we moved in. So far we've done the bedroom, hall, dining area, and bathroom, all in these paints. I was worried when we started that the paint fumes would be overwhelming in such a tiny apartment as ours, but I have to say it's a great experience. The paint is very easy to use, and only required two coats at most on all our walls. The smell is almost unnoticeable, and sort of pleasant - very similar to damp clay. And most important of all, the colors are amazing! Very intense and vibrant! As soon as we agree on the colors for the remaining rooms, we'll definitely be using 100% Green Planet Paint from now on.

Great Paint and Great Customer Service!
Reviewer: Nelena Liff in APO, AP

My husband and I chose to try these paints for our son's room. Being that we are in South Korea, it was a challenge to find anyone who would ship to us. The paints made their way here, and they look awesome on our son's walls. I even used them to make a mural, and it turned out great! I would definitely recommend this paint to anyone looking for a safer alternative for their home.

A sight for sore eyes!
Reviewer: mark gluck of enviro-paint llc in youngtown, az

With most red paint you need a good, tinted primer. I have painted red walls without a primer, and had to do 6 coats (no joke), to achieve a solid look. With your "Adobada" paint, it almost covered with one coat and looked simply amazing with 2 coats!

These Paints Are Wonderful!
Reviewer: Megan in Novato, CA

I so enjoyed working with these paints. From the moment I opened the containers (beautiful colors!), they were better than I could have hoped. They were so easy to use, the paint goes so far, covers incredibly well and evenly, no drips, no toxic smell...made my work fun! I will definitely be back for more. I look forward to the next phase of this company's growth, and all the colors to come, because its a product that really should be out there for people to know about and try. I've certainly been telling everyone I can about it.

Reviewer: Shelly McGee in College Station , Texas

We had a great experience with these paints! The painting itself was so easy and smelled so pleasant. The colors were lovely and clean. We kept adding water, and the quality never decreased, it remained just as beautiful as at the start. We used Celadon for the ceiling - to look like the sky, and it really does look like a summer sky in our living room. We bought Stone for the walls, but it was a little too grey. We went to Home Depot and they matched it to Ganesha (which is what we should have bought). The room is absolutley gorgeous!

Reviewer: kelly white in gilbert, arizona

I've been using your paints for nursery murals and was pleased with the results in small quantities. However, I recently painted my own nursery and one gallon didn't quite do the job for the base color; i purchased more paint to finish the job and it's a completely different color. I have tried contacting the company to no avail and now our nursery is two-toned which needless to say is very disappointing, especially considering the price of the paint.

A Pleasure to Paint
Reviewer: Dana Bishop in Green Valley, Arizona

I have had great success with these paints. I don't dread painting as I did before I discovered Green Planet. The colors roll on so easily, cover wonderfully and dry unusually fast. My walls have a new depth and dimension that are nothing short of awesome. The clean-up is amazing too; requiring only soap and water. Even though the cost is a little more than mainstream paints, the superb coverage compensates for the difference in price. I haven't yet needed to apply a second coat.

Soy resin and raw pigments
Reviewer: Stephanie Niles of Earthetarian.com in Easton, CT

I mixed the soy resin with water and different clay pigments and got a great lazure/ glazing effect on my walls. The products are very versatile- giving me different effects from different mixtures from a satin finish to a high gloss. Fun to work with.

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Here are some TIPS about AgriPaint application made by painters who have used this product:

1.  The first coat should go on thin and spread it out as best possible. This is like a primer coat and gives a good base for the topcoat and helps even out both painted and non-painted areas like patch work and new construction. Allow this coat to dry for a few days so that any patchwork material has ample time to dry.  Next, apply the second coat as normal and best to follow over the painted areas with is what is known as a roll back. This will give you both the best look and outcome.  

2.  To prevent picture framing effect with the paint.  It is recommended to do all your cut in first, 
followed by rolling over the same area. We have found it best to use green or blur tap along the edges where you will be transitioning colors or type finishes. It makes doing the cut-ins and roll outs much easier, faster and makes them all nice and even.