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Premium Primer
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Premium Primer - 1 gallon $47.99
Premium Primer - 1 quart $14.99
Premium Primer - 5 gallon $227.99
$12.00 Special Handling Fee Required on 5 gallon pail orders. Failure to select will delay the order

The premium primer was designed for coverage and adhesion to standard surfaces.  Not designed for stain blocking.  Referred to as AgriPaint Primer. Non-Alkyd, eliminating chemical reaction issues with underlying coatings. In 2016, we incorporated the primer technology into the AgriPaint line making it a primer and paint in one. So a separate primer is no longer needed. So if you order the primer, you will now be getting the mid-tone paint base. Colored if you request that too.

Note: A $12.00 Special Handling Fee is Required on 5 gallon pail orders. Failure to select authorization will delay the order.

  • Plant and mineral based
  • Rugged durability
  • Mineral colors
  • Zero VOC
  • Fast drying
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