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Color is at the heart of paint, and is central to the vision of Green Planet Paints®.  Both experience and science show us that different colors affect our moods in varying ways, and art reveals relationships and meanings in colors that entrance and mystify us. The painter Marc Chagall once said. “Color is all. When color is right, form is right.”
Color is also key to the success of any design project. But what really is color? Color is the intersection of light, matter, and human perception. Particles of pigment scatter light, creating complex interactions between light and matter, which we see through our eyes and perceive as color. Why paint looks different in the morning than in the evening is because of these interactions. It is also why some colors are appealing and others are not.
And it is why we’ve built our palette around mineral pigments. Mineral pigments possess a unique complexity that sets them apart from their petroleum-based counterparts. Not only are the colors more brilliant, they provide superior hiding and resistance to fading. 
We have also refined our palette to include 48 natural, colorfast hues and shades. The hundreds of colors found in a typical fan deck often confuse the selection process and can result in unsatisfying colors that look garish or plastic on the wall. Instead, our palettes are carefully designed and balanced to harmonize in any combination, elevating the nuances found in nature into a manageable set of color choices for the consumer.
Keeping it simple and close to nature, and with a commitment to the inherent beauty of mineral color, we’ve created the only mineral based palette commercially available— the Renaissance Palette: 48 natural, mineral based colors using “add-in” tint pouches.