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Green Planet Paints® is truly revolutionizing the coatings Industry naturally and without harsh chemicals.  Manufactured by Go Green World Products, LLC we offer a complete line of architectural plant, stains, sealers and colorants made from minerals clays, and plant oils. For all your home improvement projects. Our coating products are earth friendly to and safe for the environment, safe for use around adults, children, pets and the chemically sensitive. All the lines are long lasting, durable, highly sustainable, exceeds bio preferred standards and some are have been MPI Tested. Most of our raw materials are recycled from the waste streams of others product manufacturing processes.  Our products are as closest to nature as humanly possible for durable non-fading paints, stains and sealers/varnishes. We even have an easy to use cement micro topping made from natural and recycled materials.

Green Planet Paints® is also proud to say that all of our coating products are chemically
free of any Isothiazolinones, Methylisothiazolinone, Methylchlorisothiazolinone, Benzisothiazolinone, Octylisothiazolinone, Parabens, Bronopol, or BHT chemicals.

We are not just trying to match the industry standards in being VOC compliant. We set an entirely new standard that others can’t match.  The other call their products “Green” because their bases are supposedly at the EPA compliant levels (zero = / < 5 g/l) But this is only true is you do not add colors. Conventional colorants are EPA compliant if = / < 150 g/l, so if you desire a bold color, your paint will not be at < 5 g/l, but possibly at > 100 g/l. Here at Go Green World Products, we produce our own colorant systems called AgriColors and sold under the Green Planet Paints® trade name. AgriColor technology offers a zero VOC and 100% sustainable tint system that is also Bio-preferred, containing over 80% recycled bio content.  No one in the industry can say this.

Green Planet Paints® (patent pending) has its high premium line of high-performance interior clay alkyd paints, as well as its interior/exterior Bio-Acrylic paints and Sealers, and its Bio-Mineral stains.    Combining the rich complexity of natural mineral pigments with leading edge plant chemistry, Green Planet Paints® has taken earth-friendly coatings to a whole new level.   The results are truly sustainable coatings that are safe, tough, durable, long lasting, easy to apply and a pleasure to the senses.

Whether the project is a home, office, dog house, fence, deck, a new baby’s room or a ‘face lift’ for your kitchen, bathroom or any other space, Green Planet Paints® is the perfect solution for the green-minded painter, designer and do-it-yourselfer. Green Planet Paints® is so unique and durable, there is no need for using a satin or semi-gloss anymore in places like the bathroom and kitchen. So you no longer have to deal with high reflective sheens in these spaces anymore. Even doors and trim no longer need to be a high sheen as the paint lines are very highly scrubbable, even when colored.

Green Planet Paints® interior/exterior natural stains and sealer lines known as AgriStain and AgriPrep Sealer are both highly sustainable lines which are superior in every way. At >60% bio content, they exceed every bio preferred standards set for the coatings industry. AgriStain is a bio mineral product, it has no petrochemical components, no heavy metal dryers or adhesive resins like all the others industry water based “stain” (actually paint) products; and yes, even the large industrial leaders are overwhelmed with its capabilities and performance. AgriStains is a true stain and work like the old solvent based stains, but AgriStain will help preserve your home/projects in many ways. AgriStain prevent de-degradation of the substrate and even preserves and rejuvenates the substrates. AgriStain technology allows our product the ability to penetrate deep in the substrate which helps extend the life of your property while it is also safe to use even around children, pets and the highly chemically sensitive.  With AgriStain there is no more dealing with cracking finishes or when dealing with traffic patterns on wood decks being told you have to either strip the deck first or go with a darker color and then do the entire deck again. With AgriStain you simply clean the affected area and apply more stain. We have had nothing but overwhelming praise of the AgriStain product. If you desire to seal your AgriStain work, simply apply AgriPrep Sealer over the stained area or cabinet for that soft or blusteriest gloss finish.

Green Planet Paints® interior/exterior paint line known as AgriPaints is a highly sustainable paint line that is superior in every way. At >40% bio content, it exceeds all the bio preferred standards set years ago for the paint industry. AgriPaint is a bio acrylic paint, it has no petrochemical components, no heavy metal dryers like all the others industry products, and it is so durable even the large industrial leaders are overwhelmed with its capabilities. This one paint line like the AgriStains will help preserve your home in many ways. The Agri lines prevent de-degradation of the substrate and even preserves the substrates. This technology allows our product the ability to help extend the life of your property while making it safe to use even around children and pets, even then highly chemically sensitive have had overwhelming praise of these products.

Green Planet Paints® interior/exterior micro topping line known as AgriCrete Overlayment is a highly durable recycled and easy to apply cement overlayment product that is superior in many ways. At >50% recycled and Bio materials, this costing is much easier to use that those in the coatings industry. AgriCrete uses an Eco friendly adhesive polymer resins and not an epoxy resin like the others industry products. AgriCrete was specifically developed with the DYI person in mind; while maintaining the capabilities and performance of the large industrial leader products, with the exception of flexibility where AgriCrete is much more flexible than conventional epoxy systems. AgriCrete can be applied to almost any substrate (wood, concrete, masonry, ceramic tile, wall board, foam board, sheetrock and more).  AgriCrete is easy to use and can be applied in multiple ways and techniques to achieve the look and feel you desire; great for use on (garage floors, counter tops, roofs, walls and more).  With AgriCrete there is no more dealing with extreme timelines during application or pulling out the dye grinder when a flaw was noted while the product was in the drying process. Once AgriCrete has been applied, it is best to seal it or even stain it using our AgriStains and then sealing everything with AgriPrep Sealer.  We have had nothing but overwhelming praise of the AgriCrete product from both contractors and DYI clients.



  • Five vibrant finishes available: Flat, Eggshell, Velvet, Satin* and Semigloss*
  • Renaissance Palette:  48 standard colors and expanding over 250 mineral based colors, with the ability to color match just about any non-synthesized color.**
  • Exceptional Performance.
  • Rugged Durability.
  • True Zero VOC, even after being colored with our exclusive mineral colorant system.
  • Easy Application, no need for fancy rollers or brushes to get a quality look.
  • Up to 5 LEED Points on LEED projects.
  • Improves air quality up to 50% by its use.
  • Bio Preferred
  • Highest sustainable products on the market today.
  • Safe to use with or around kids, pets, adults and even most chemically sensitive people.
  • Interior clay alkyd paint line, and an interior/exterior/primer all in one paint line and primer
  • 100% plant / mineral wood stains that act and work like the old oil based stains, but help to preserve wood.
  • 100% plant / mineral concrete stains that act and work like the old oil based stains, but help to preserve the concrete.
  • Highly sustainable plant based Sealer/Varnish, can even be applied to the paints to give you a semi-gloss or high gloss sheen look. Or to almost any interior or exterior substrate.
  • Highly durable and easy to apply recycled cement micro topping that is flexible and is Eco friendly.

* satin and semi-gloss launched early 2012 but are currently only made on request for now due to low demands and processes.

** Color line cards offered is presently only the original Renaissance Palette 48 standard colors. Special requests of the added colors can be made but most do not have names or numbers yet. We are diligently trying to rectify this as time permits and are looking at offering color category cards (Neutrals, Reds/Oranges, Blues/Greens, Browns/Yellows, Blacks/Grays).


  • Green Planet Paints® has a very high fire retardant virtue. Although not yet UL tested for this, Green Planet Paints® has been found to withstand high intense flames in direct contact without combustion. The paints were plant tested in a real application using a propane torch, after several minutes of direct flame contact to the paint which was applied to a copper pipe; the paint would not ignite but only turn black and had to be scraped off. 
  • Green Planet Paints® is a registered trade name and a product line of Go Green World Products, LLC